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A Change That Will Do Good

I’m a German, and spending the next four years in Germany has made me interested to explore my German roots. The German fashion industry is growing at a remarkable speed, and I predict, along with others, that soon Berlin Fashion Week will be looked upon just as Paris and Milan, and Germany itself will be … Continue reading

InTrend Fashion is Ciao Bella’s Star of the Week!

Check out Ciao Bella’s interview with InTrend Fashion Style Blogger Sarah Schneider

Some Pictures from the Berlin Bread&Butter Trade Show

Photos from exhibits at Bread&Butter Berlin, the biggest trade show in Europe.

InTrend Fashion Reporter Sarah Schneider Designs a Line

I decided I’d share with you a new line I like to call “The Coasts”. It is a mix of New York fashion and California fashion.

International Fashion Media

I used to think that German Vogue was influenced by the styles and trends from American Vogue. I thought that all American trends originated from America. Of course, I was 8 at the time, just starting to find an interest in the fashion industry. However, this incorrect point of view is something that most people … Continue reading

Hugo Boss COO Steps Down

After over a year working as the chief operating officer at the German fashion firm, Hugo Boss, Andreas Stockert will be retiring to concentrate on other duties. The company stated: “The Supervisory Board thanks Dr Stockert for his commitment to the company and wishes him lots of luck for his professional and private future.”

Everything in Fashion is Connected…

Everything in the fashion industry is connected.

Always Look Chic in the Office

It’s important to look great everywhere you go, so I put this together for the office. Whether it’s an internship or a full time career, it’s a necessity=)

Another Post from My Desk….

My dream is to make it in the fashion industry, not because of the fame, the fortune, or all that I will have at my fingertips (although it will be nice). I want to be able to influence the entire industry. I think it is remarkable to have the power to have something you were … Continue reading

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